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Hadyn Butler (PDAC 2013)

Hadyn Butler (1944-) originally from Australia, with a BSc Hons (first class, university medal) in geology from the University of New England in New South Wales, Hadyn has worked in Papua New ...(more)

Walter Peredery (PDAC 2013)

Walter Peredery (1938-) originally from Ukraine, Walter obtained a PhD in 1972 from the University of Toronto by studying the Onaping Formation in the Sudbury Basin. A very successful geologis ...(more)

Wally Rayner (PDAC 2013)

Wally Rayner- An early interest in geology since high school eventually found Wally 'baby sitting' surface and underground drills in the Cobalt area, looking for sulphides thought to be associ ...(more)

Stewart Hamilton (PDAC 2013)

Stew Hamilton (1962-). Originally from Ontario, Stew has a BSc in Geology from Laurentian, an MSc in hydrogeology from Carleton and a PhD in geochemistry from Ottawa U. He has worked in bedroc ...(more)

Seymour Sears (PDAC 2013)

Seymour Sears (1947-) Originally from New Brunswick, Seymour started out with a degree in psychology from Mt Allison- but a summer job sampling soils- eventually turned into a geology degree a ...(more)

Roy Rupert (PDAC 2013)

Roy Rupert (1940-203?) Roy hails from Madoc, Ontario, one of the oldest centres of mining in Canada. After crawling around in pits and adits and shafts of small fluorspar, talc, gold, slate a ...(more)

Perry English (PDAC 2013)

Perry English (1951-) Originally from Manitoba, Perry is a Red Lake prospector who at one time had over 15,000 claim units and 100 option agreements. What started as a prospecting hobby allow ...(more)

Pat Sheridan (PDAC 2013)

Pat Sheridan (1932-) Pat graduated from the U of T in 1955. The first conductor he ever worked on in New Brunswick turned out to be an ore body but didn't become a mine until over 50 years lat ...(more)

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